How to fix error 0xc1900200 in Windows 10

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Guide: How to fix error 0xc1900200 in Windows 10

Windows 10 is an important part of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft. It is a successor to Windows 8.1, which was released two years ago and itself was released for production on July 15, 2015, and was released to the public on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 is available for download via MSDN and TechNet, as a free upgrade for retail versions for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users via the Windows Store, and for Windows 7 users via Windows Update. Windows 10 is always getting new homes available to users at no extra cost, in addition to the additional test versions of Windows 10 available to Windows Insiders. Devices in industrial environments can receive these updates more slowly or use long-term support signals that receive critical updates such as security patches during the ten-year life of long support.

Error code 0xc1900200 appears when a user attempts to update from an older version of Windows to Windows 10 using the Windows Update Help Utility. This can happen when trying to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. In all cases the developer will indicate that all the requirements have been met, but for some reason the update process will fail with this error code.

Method 1: By Disconnecting any External Hard Drive

If there is a USB device connected to your system while upgrading to Windows 10, that is most likely the reason behind this error. USB devices or external hard drives are very useful when searching for backup data, but these devices may crash during the Windows 10 upgrade process.

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Even if you have connected a Bluetooth USB receiver, that may also interfere with the upgrade process. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not connect any sot of USB wiles the Windows 10 upgrade process is on. Make sure that any type of external hard drive, including, the laptop, smartphone (via USB plug), printer, etc. is not connected during the upgrade. This should completely fix the issue.

But, if you still find the error, you can try the 2nd method.

Method 2: By Configuring Updated Windows 10 Applications

  • Go to Start button on your desktop and click Command Prompt in the search field. Right-click on the result and select Run as administrator to open Command Prompt with admin rights.
  • In the Command Prompt window, run the commands below one by one and press Enter after each command:
    • net stop wuauserv
    • net Stop cryptSvc
    • net Duro die-die
    • net stop msiserver

This will identify specific Windows 10 components that need to be configured.

  • Open the Command Prompt window in admin mode again as shown in Step 1 above.
  • Now, run the commands below and press Enter each time:
    • Ren C: WindowssoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.older
    • Ren C: WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.older

This will rename the two folders, SoftwareDistribution and Cartroot2.

  • Now, execute the commands below in the Command prompt and hit Enter after each command:
    • net start wuauserv
    • net start cryptSvc
    • net start die-die
    • net ibere msiserver

This will start BITS, Cryptographic, MSI Installer and Windows Update Services. Once done, close the Command Prompt window.

This should solve the upgrade issue, but, if the problem persists, try the 3rd method.

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Method 4: By Unlocking Microsoft Update Servers

  • Press the Windows + R keys together on your keyboard to open the Run command. Now, type inetcpl.cpl in the search field and click OK.
  • In the Internet Options dialog box, go to the Security tab and select the Trusted Sites icon. Now, click on the site button.
  • In the Trusted Sites window, open the box next to Require server certificate (https :) for all sites in this area.
  • Now, click the web addresses below to Add this website to the site area one by one and click Add button next to you whenever you enter an address:

Once done with adding two websites, close the window. Then, back in the Internet Options window, click OK to save the changes and exit.

Now, try upgrading to Windows 10, and there should be no errors. But, if you find something wrong, try the 4th method.

Method 4: By Changing the Stored Partition Size

The saved partition in the whole system is set to one size and when the size is not large enough, you will not be able to upgrade to Windows 10. That’s when you can see the error. Therefore, you must increase the size of the saved partition and for this you will need a third-party partition manager. There are quite a few well-known free chapter wizards out there.

You can use the MiniTool Partition Wizard Free or any of your other popular ones. Once you have installed the partition manager, you can increase the storage size of the storage, essentially, for example, from 400MB to 1GB. You may also need to reduce the size of other hard drive partitions.

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Just be very careful when changing the size of the partition. It may be that it ended up deleting a specific partition may be a disaster for your system. So, make sure you be very careful.

That’s all. These methods should resolve the Windows 10: 0xc1900200 upgrade error code and you can proceed with the upgrade smoothly.


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