How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphone

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Guide: How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphone

It can be used to ignore an ex-boyfriend, an unsolicited bitch, or an accidental terrorist, among other things. It can also be used to avoid boring group SMS chats. It is also beneficial in that you keep your inbox free of commercial emails and other unwanted junk. Regardless of whether you are using iOS or Android, the process is always faster and less painful than you expected. Blocking bothersome text messages and even phone Calls are simple trick which can be done on any phone and we will only show you how to accomplish it.

How to Block Text Message in your Samsung Galaxy

Method 1: Interrupting Text Messages Through Settings

  • Open up texts Samsung inbox messages on your Samsung phone and look for receiving text messages from that unwanted number decided to ban before proceeding.
  • In the upper right corner, press the button Menu icon (three icons) to open the menu.
  • Select Block Number or tap Contacts Contact from the drop-down menu. To complete the process, click “OK. ”

Method 2: Prevent Spam Text Messages Using Samsung Settings

  • Open the Messages app and select the message you want to stop sending.
  • Select the block number and then click OK.
  • The terms or phrases mentioned in the message, such as HMRCUK in the message below, may be used to stop the block number screen you do not see.
  • To return to the previous screen, click the back arrow icon. At the top right, hit the Menu icon (three icons)which will bring up the Settings menu.
  • Select or tap Block messages> Block strings from the drop-down list. Paste the keywords or phrases into the text box and click the plus sign.
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Method 3: Add to Auto-Build Menu

You can quickly blacklist phone numbers so they have no way to contact you while they are on the list, which is a simple process.

Simply navigate to Settings> Call Settings> Call Rejection> Add or Remove phone the numbers you want to block from the lists.

Just a piece of cake for you!

Method 4: How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Phone Via Google Hangouts

  • To start Google Hangout, open the Google Hangouts application on your Samsung phone.
  • Open SMS or follow the conversation “contact” you want to block and copy contents.
  • To access the list, click on the three-dot list icon in the upper right of your screen.
  • Select “People & Options” from the drop-down menu, and then on the next screen, select and block Username>.

Method 5: Block unwanted comments through a third-party application

1. Block messages Using Blacklist Calls Mobile Apparatus

There are a variety of programs available to help you in blocking text messages on Samsung smartphones.

For this reason tutoriala will show you how to use the Blacklist calls mobile apparatus.

  • Download the application you want on Google Play
  • Add Number Values

There is nothing more complicated than opening the program, clicking on the “+” iconand entering a number from which you do not want to receive text messages.

2. Using the App Key Messages

In terms of text barriers, Key Messages is one of the There are better options.

It can automatically find ads and spam messages and block them.

Name, number, keyword content, and weak card rules can be used to restrict SMS messages to be sent.

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In addition, it is the only word processing program for Android that includes MMS deletion features.

3. Using the Call Blocker application

Call Blocker also comes as an Android application that blocks calls and texts.

It has the ability to automatically detect spam and promotional messages and prevent them from reaching the recipient.

It differs from other comparable apps in that it maintains a log of banned text messages and phone calls.

Method 6: Block Text Messages and Number Blocked by Your Service Provider

With the help of your service provider, you will be able to browse your provider’s official website and find a specific page. how to block text messages.

1. Verizon Manufacturer

You can do this through your personal computer by visiting their website, selecting the Blogs page, and entering phone numbers from which you do not want to receive text messages.

Alternatively, you can use the Verizon Application:

  • Where you must first enter the menu, then select Devices, then Manage.
  • Select Call & Interrupted Message from the drop-down menu and
  • Click phone the numbers you want to block.

2. Instructions for Enabling Text Messages on Android AT&T

  • Start by opening the AT&T application and entering it phone number.
  • Continue by clicking Continue button and pressing the 6 digit digits that were given.
  • Make sure you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions by tapping Accept.
  • On the next page that appears, you can make changes to the numbers in your block list.

3. Via Sprint Provider

  • Go to Favorites and then click on Limitations and permissions from your desktop, where you will need to log in to your account first.
  • By selecting Block Voiceyou can simply click the phone stressful numbers.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Sprint Application, in which you will click on Settings and then select Call + SMS Filter.
  • Select Block calls from the drop-down menu and he went in phone number you do not want to receive notifications from.
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If you can not find the page for the restricted numbers on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, contact your manufacturer for help, and they will become a number for you.

Note that some providers charge for this service, so be prepared to pay the associated charges before requesting that text messages be blocked.


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