How to back up data in Linux PC

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Guide: How to back up data in Linux PC

Linux provides users with many different types of control over the computer system, but with great potential comes great responsibility. That means backing up your files regularly (among other things), and while cloud storage is really usable and fascinating, for many of us, it is not enough. Here it is how to back up your data.

Install Easy Backup

To install SBackup open your menu and click on software. Find SBackup and install software from search results.

Configure SBackup

SBackup backup programs assume that you have / var / backup that points to a separate hard drive. That is not always the case on the part of the self laptops and laptops so it may be a good idea to choose custom backup settings and change the settings as needed.

Click next with the tab and add any files or processes you want to backup up. The backup system works as root so you can back up any directory even if your user does not have access to them.

The next tab will contain settings to remove processes, file types (depending on file size), normal expression (regex), or depending on file size.

By default SBackup is not backed up up most media files, so if you have not already backed up your videos and music you will want to adjust the settings below to put them into backups. Just make sure that your backup hard drive has enough space to store all the media files.

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It would also be recommended to change the maximum size setting because by default SBackup does not back up anything larger than 95 MB.

The Travel tab will allow you to select your destination folder, hard drive, or remote directory.

Although the remote control protocol shows SSH and FTP, other protocols such as SFTP and SMB are also supported. To enter a different process simply insert the information you called at the beginning of the path and make sure you have the correct username and password that way. The format for the network method is : // username: password @ server / share. If you are supporting up to the remote server you should also check the box to remember if the end of the trip is not otherwise the backup will be stored locally on your hard drive.

Alternatively you can leave a username: password information in the URI but you will be ready for your certificates every time the backup starts.


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