How to Use Face ID on iPhone while Wearing a Mask

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Use Face ID on iPhone while Wearing a Mask. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Use Face ID on iPhone while Wearing a Mask

Around the world, face masks are a common practice which is all thanks to the Corona scanner, with masks being used daily in the UK in indoor environments. However wearing a mask comes with one case: people wearing masks complain that they are able to unlock their iPhones easily. One of the issues with wearing a mask – apart from sore ears from loops – is that it makes unlocking your iPhone difficult if you rely on Face ID. This is a problem for all iPhone users from the iPhone X forward, as newer generations rely on face recognition instead of fingerprint recognition.

The iOS update (iOS 13.5) was launched in April 2020 which means that users are able to quickly scroll up on the iPhone to remove requests for Face ID and instead unlock it using the passcode, but the annoyance of using Face ID with a screen does not disappear until now.If you do not want to have to input your passcode every time you need to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask a new option has been made in iOS 14.5 that means to you can unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask. The only requirement is that you will need an Apple Watch running watchOS 7.4.

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We will run through the steps you need to go through to set up up Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch below. We will also work through your options if you want to unlock your iPhone via Face ID when you enter the screen and you do not have an Apple Watch.

iPhone: How to use Face ID with screen

With Apple Watch

  1. Make sure you are running iOS 14.5 on iPhone and watchOS 7.4 on Apple Watch or later
  2. On iPhone, head to Settings> Face ID & Passcode
  3. Swipe down and under Unlock with Apple Watch, tap toggle next to Apple Watch
  4. Now when Face ID detects that you are wearing a screen, your iPhone will use the Apple Watch to unlock it

Without the Apple Watch

  1. Head to Settings> Face ID & Passcode
  2. You can try to perform the first step as Alternate Appearance or choose to Reset Face ID
  3. Once selected Set up Face ID or Set Up In the opposite direction, fold your mask in half and hold it up to your face
  4. If your iPhone says “Face Shake” move your screen slowly away from the center of your face until it asks you to “Move your head slowly to complete the circle” (Xuanwu Lab recommends blanket only tip of your nose; cover a lot and you will get error)
  5. Finish the two corners of your face with the mask folded in the same orientation
  6. You should see “Eye ID is set now up”
  7. Put on your screen, cover your whole face, test if it works to unlock your iPhone
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Here is what these steps look like:

Part 2 (optional)

  1. If Face ID does not always work after setting up Face ID with the integrated screen, go back to Settings> Face ID & passcode
  2. Tap Set Up Alternate Appearance (if you select another for step 1 above, you will need to Reset the Face ID and repeat part 1 for the Main Page, then make part 2 as an alternative look)
  3. Turn off the mask and move it to the other side of your face than you did for part 1
  4. Complete the two-dimensional ID configuration views
  5. Cover your face, cover your whole face
  6. Test if it works
  7. Face ID should also work when you are not wearing your mask properly


Guide about How to Use Face ID on iPhone while Wearing a Mask

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