How to get AppEven on your iPhone

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Guide: How to get AppEven on your iPhone

Although jailbreak applications are making a comeback, they are not available to everyone. However, lately there has been a slew of Cydia alternatives that are also popular as official app store replacements, with AppEven being one of the biggest. It is completely free, does not require jailbreak, and has tons of unofficial applications, games, and other content.

AppPapa Features:

AppEven is not only free, it does not require you to install the software and it downloads all the great content:

  • App Store App – official iOS app store content for free
  • AppEven Apps – unofficial applications, such as tweaks, streaming applications, emulators, and more
  • Tweaked Apps – stock applications with lots of new ones features
  • Revised games – stock games with new features unlocked

How to Download AppEven:

AppEven easy to download:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone and go to the connected AppEven download page
  2. Tap the configuration profile and click Allow on the certificate message
  3. Tap Install and wait – Settings open
  4. Tap Install Profile and enter your passcode
  5. Safari open, tap Install AppEven
  6. Tap Install and your Settings will open again
  7. Click Install> Next> Done on each subsequent page and wait – AppEven will appear on it home screen when installed
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How to Use AppEven

A user-friendly application, AppEven easy to use:

  1. Open AppEven
  2. Click Applications and select a category – see above
  3. Find an application or game and tap it
  4. Tap Install and follow the in-app installation instructions
  5. Your application will be on it home screen when installed.

Questions that people often ask

Given that AppEven is unofficial, people tend to ask a lot of questions about it and the following are the most common:

How to Fix Unbelievable Developer Error?

  1. Open the iOS Settings
  2. Click General> Profiles
  3. Find and enter the AppEven profile in the list
  4. Click Trust or Verify and close Settings
  5. Error no longer displayed

Will it invalidate my Warranty?

No, it is not, because you do not jailbreak your device and AppEven is legal to use. Because it does not require root access, it does not violate Apple security and they have no reason to invalidate your warranty. However, some tweaks are designed to change the way your device works and these are not strictly allowed. If needed, you can delete these and re-install them another day.

How to Fix Can’t Record / Verify AppEven Error Message?

This is possible because Apple has canceled the app certification, which they do with unauthorized applications. Turn off AppEven and wait for a few hours, then try again – then, the developers should have replaced the certificate. You may also get this error if you use the repaired application at the same time as your co-worker – you may not have both installed it at the same time so delete the stock application before installing the modified version .

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Cannot Connect to AppEven Error Message

Again, this is due to app certification. In this case, just wait a few hours. Certificate of renewal and AppEven will work again.

Can I Request Applications or Games?

Yes, but there is no guarantee of success. You can use the developer’s Twitter feed to submit your query.

Common AppEven Errors and Solutions

Although AppEven is stable, we hear of a couple common but easy to solve errors:

Blank Screen / Greyed-Out Icon

  1. Open Settings> Safari
  2. Tap your Web Data
  3. Try again – the screen should be clear

AppEven has stopped working

Apple can’t guarantee app developer – you can:

  1. Delete AppEven and reinstall it
  2. Open Settings> General> Profiles
  3. Tap the AppEven profile and tap Trust
  4. The application will work now

Wrong argumentative approach

This is not as bad as it looks:

  1. Remove AppEven and install it again
  2. Turn off your device and wait for a minute
  3. Turn on and open AppEven
  4. Check for updates in the app settings and use the available ones

Unable to download AppEven

Most likely, you have a previous version of AppEven triggering a fight on your device:

  1. Delete AppEven and reboot your device
  2. Install AppEven again – it should work now

Profile failed

This happens when servers cannot handle traffic. If you receive an error after a few attempts, follow these steps:

  1. Put your device into Flight Mode
  2. Open Settings
  3. Click Safari> Clear History and Web Data
  4. Click Clear History and Data
  5. Turn off airplane mode, wait for a few minutes then try to install it again – AppEven should work now

All My Apps Are Forgotten

Apple has canceled the app certification – delete AppEven from your device and install it again. Then install the anti-cancellation app or VPN and this will never happen again.

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AppEven is one of the most popular app store stores, with plenty of choices for all users. It is free to use and does not require jailbreak so download it on your iPhone or iPad today and see what it is all about.


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