How to Flip any Image in Google Docs on your PC and Mobile

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Guide: How to Flip any Image in Google Docs on your PC and Mobile

Google Docs offers a large number of tools and features which you can use to incorporate items into your book. One such thing is that you can put an image into a document. These images are approximate in Google Docs by Google Search but you can also upload an image from it phone, Computer, or other device if you have taken or created an image that you want to use in your document.

But the images you see or create may not be in the right orientation or facing the right direction, which means you may need to change an image if you have already added it to a page and find it to be incorrect .

Let’s go through how to find, insert, publish and influence images in Google Docs. We will also see how we can panic and roll over an image in Google Docs.

How to Change image on Google Docs on PC

If you are using Google Docs on a web browser on a Mac or Windows computer, you can change the image you added to the Docs file directly from the editor screen. For this, open a page in the Docs where you want to change the image.

If the image you want to flip is already in the document, you will need to cut or copy it onto your clipboard. To do so, click on the image you want to flip, right-click on it and select the ‘Cut’ or ‘Copy’ option. If you are creating an image copy, then you may have to delete your original image after your copy has been modified. Alternatively, you can cut or copy the image using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts: [Ctrl (Command) + C (to copy)] or [Ctrl (Command) + V (to cut)].

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Once the picture has been cut or copied, move the cursor to the empty part of your page.

Now, go to Insert> Extract from the toolbar at the top of the Google Docs window and select the ‘New’ option.

This will show the Lending popup window on your screen. In this window, right-click on the empty section and click the ‘Paste’ option. Alternatively, you can also paste the image using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl (Command) + P.

The previously copied image will be pasted inside the Lending application. This image will appear as the original image.

If there is no image already in the file, you can add one to your computer by clicking the Image icon at the top of the Drawing application and then selecting the image you want to insert.

To change this image, click on the Actions window menu option and select Rotate. Now, depending on whether you want the image to pop up, select either the ‘Flip horizontal’ option or the ‘Flip vertically’ option.

Your image will now change in the way you choose to. After successful conversion, you can add this image to your page by clicking on the ‘Save and Close’ option at the top right of the Lending tool window.

The above method is the only way you can convert your images outside of Google Docs. All the other methods listed here will let you change the image vertically or vertically.

How to Change image on Google Docs application on it Phone

If you create a general and edit documents with the Google Docs application on it phone, then we hate to break you; Google Docs application on it phone does not allow you to change the image from within the application. This is because there is no drawing application in the Google Docs application like the web application. Don’t be upset, though, as Google offers your Snapseed application to change images in your area phone which you can then add to your book on Docs.

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Image changed on Snapseed

Before you can change the image, make sure you have the Snapseed application installed on your Android or iPhone. Click the appropriate link below to download and install Snapseed.

Once the app is installed, open and click on the large ‘+’ icon on the app’s main screen.

If this is your first time using Snapseed, you will be asked to grant storage permissions for yourself. phone si app. Click ‘Allow’ when ready.

Once that is done, click the ‘+’ icon again and select an image from your phone or storage device.

When the image is moved up, tap on the ‘Tools’ tab at the bottom of the images editor.

You should see a handful of editing tools available on the application. To change the popup, select the ‘Rotate’ option.

On the next screen, you should see all the necessary tools to change or modify the image. Tap the Flip icon (indicated by two arrow heads facing inwards).

When you tap the flip icon, you should see the selected image rotated horizontally.

If you want the image to rotate vertically instead, double-click the Rotate icon.

If you are satisfied with the flip results, click the check mark in the lower right corner.

Now you can save the image on it phone by tapping the ‘Export’ tab below.

When the pop-up menu appears, select the ‘Save’ option on the screen to save it phone.


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