How to Create multiple desktops in Windows 11 PC

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Guide: How to Create multiple desktops in Windows 11 PC

Virtual printer tables are not new to Windows. In Windows 10, it is easy to create a separate desktop so you can have, for example, one desktop for one project and another for another, or one for your work and a second for personal applications.

However, the upgrade is available in Windows 11. Now you can also use a different wallpaper for each table to make it easier to tell them separately (and give you a different alert depending on what you are using for) . And there are a number of other features which makes using laptops easy and efficient. Note that some of these are introduced in Windows 10, but together with the newer features of Windows 11, they made a handy toolbox.

How to Create Virtual Desktop in Windows 11

Virtual printer tables are easy to set up up in Windows 11 with the addition of the View New Task icon on the taskbar. Scrolling on the Task View icon shows you any virtual virtual computers, with the option to create a new one. So, here’s how to create a new virtual desktop in Windows 11.

  • Hover over the View Task icon.
  • Select a new table.
  • Alternatively, press the Windows + CTRL + D shortcut to create a new virtual table.
  • That is – a new virtual desktop is waiting for you, accessible through Task View button.
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Where is the Service Viewer?

If you can not see Task View button on your desktop in Windows 11, you can hide it from view. You can restore it using the Settings application.

  • In the Start menu search tool, enter the activity settings and select Best Optimizer.
  • Switch View Task to change the icon to turn on.
  • You should see now See Task button on your taskbar.

How to Rename a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11

If you want to keep your job and home world separately, you can name your virtual table accordingly.

  • To View Tasks, right-click and select Rename.

How to Change the background on your Windows 11 Virtual Desktop

One of the best new features for virtual desktop tables in Windows 11 is an option to set different settings. It is a long question feature Microsoft has opposed the disclosure so far. Setting the background separately makes it easy to visualize the type of virtual table you need in a single view, which is handy.

  • Hover over the icon See Task.
  • Right-click on the virtual table you want to set a different background for and select Select Background.
  • The Settings application will open on the background page, from which you can select a background for your virtual table.

How to Switch Between Virtual Laptops in Windows 11

If you use multiple laptops (or one extra), you will want to switch between them easily. There are two ways to switch between virtual laptops: View Task or via shortcuts.

  • Hover over Work View button and select the next virtual table, or
  • Press the Windows + TAB button and select the virtual table you want.
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There is also an option of using a keyboard shortcut:

Press the Windows key + CTRL + arrow key to move between the virtual printer tables (using the left or right arrow keys.)


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