How to Convert MS Excel Sheet to HTML Table

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Convert MS Excel Sheet to HTML Table. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Convert MS Excel Sheet to HTML Table

Assuming you have a lot of cells, and you want to change the size of the cells to html table like the screen below, how can you speed up? In this article, I will introduce some tricks to help you convert most of a sheet or range of cells to html table in Excel.

Convert Cells To Html Table With Save As Command

In Excel, you can use Save As command to quickly change the size of cells or the entire worksheet to html table.

  • Select the cells you want to modify, and click File> Save As> Browse to display Save As window. See screenshot.
  • In the Save As window, specify a folder where you are going to move the html table, enter the file name you used, and then select Web Page to Save as type drop down menu. Then you can choose to save the document or select only to html table by checking All Document or Option option.
  • Click Save, Publish as the Web page pops up, and you can click Convert to specify the title, if you want to update the template and re-print the html table all the time, check AutoRepublish every time this worksheet is saved, and if you want to automatically open this webpage after saving, check Open the published web page in the browser.
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Convert Cells To Table Html With Formulas

  • Type the following words into several cells as shown in the screenshot below:
  • Then go to the next cell, this is H1, and type this formula = D1 & E1 & A1 & F1 & E1 & B1 & F1 & E1 & C1 & F1 & G1, press Enter, then drag the formula down to the desired cell.
  • Then copy these formula cells and paste them as values ​​in another location. Select formula cells and press Control + C and select an empty cell, J1 and right click to select Paste as Price option in the context menu. See screenshot:
  • You can then copy the cell ranges to the html editor, and type the tbody table and / tbody / table separately to the beginning and end of the string range. See screenshot:


Guide about How to Convert MS Excel Sheet to HTML Table

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