How To Restart Phone Without Power Button

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Guide: How To Restart Phone Without Power Button

Android smartphones are well equipped with a large number of high-end features. However, there are times when a software or hardware component may break down or malfunction. We have checked and marked many users who are complaining about Power not responding to them button. If your ability button does not work well, then do not worry. There are many other ways to restart Android without using that power button. Here are some of the best ways to help you how to also Android phones without power button. Let’s get started!

Plug in Phone into the charger or USB charger

This is the most common and effective solution when your phone runs out of battery. Most of the time you just forget to check your battery status, and the moment you see it is phone is already closed. So, by plugging in it phone via a charger (electronic or USB) your phone The battery will charge slowly and in a few minutes phone will wake up up from sleep mode and will restart.

Click Recovery Mode and restart the reboot phone

This is another easy and effective way to get started phone without power button if empowered button is faulty or broken. What you need to do is to drink up the boot menu of your smartphone or recovery mode as it sometimes calls, which can be done using a few button combinations on it phone yourself.

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At the very least phones, the recovery mode can be accessed by just pressing Home + Volume Up or the Home + Volume down button. Once you are in recovery mode or Boot Menu, all you need to do is navigate to the “reboot now” tab among the many tab options, using it phone’s volume buttons or by tapping on the touch screen. This will surely, wake up up your device will reboot your operating system.

Options “Tap twice to wake up” and “Tap twice to zoom”.

A soon feature has been added in many smartphones now of “Double-Tap to Sleep” or “Double-Tap to wake”. What you do is, as the name suggests, to make phone go to sleep or wake upup position whenever you enter an empty area of home or lock screen provides feature be working on your smartphone. Before you use this feature, you need to play “Double-Tap” feature on it phone. Even if you do not know how to do this, also you need not to worry. We will explain the process to you and then proceed to your reboot phone with this new feature. Here it is how to do:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu on your smartphone and press once
  2. Click “Advanced Features”Tababu
  3. Now, tap on “Motions and Controls” tab
  4. Tap on “Switch to Activate-double click to zoom”
  5. His phone now we have activated the “double click to zoom” mode

So now once the phone can start using this service, you can easily turn it on phone without power button. Moreover, most of the smartphones have double-tap feature also often has the “double click to wake up” option. You can do the “tap to sleep” normally and use “Double to Wake” feature on it phone. So your smartphone will restart by pressing once twice to zoom and then double click to wake up.

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TAN / OFF Power System

Setting the Power On / Off can be a great way to restart phone without power button.

When power button damaged or none of the above methods tend to work for you, all you need to do is go to the “programs” tab and open the tab. Next head on to the “Schedule On / Off” tab and push it to “On” mode. You can now set any time of the day as per your wish when you want it phone to turn off by adjusting the “Power Off” time from the corresponding tab. You also have the option to repeat the process for as many days as you want and set the process in those days. Likewise, you can also “Power On” it phone by selecting the time and dates (s) as appropriate. And yours phone will wake up up in a reboot state. See how easy this is!

Power Button to Volume Button app

It is the Android era of Smartphones and it is the most popular Mobile OS worldwide. There are specific applications that can help you restart Android without power button and there are many professional apps available for Turn Off and On your smartphone on the Google Play Store, and most of these can be downloaded for free. One of the best applications for this purpose available on Google Play is Power Button to Volume Button app. You can download this app on it phone and try to use it to turn it on phone without power button.

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Find a professional phone manufacturer repair

The last step but not the least one will be to get them phone repair. This is because every smartphone user will definitely need their phone Power button to work well at one point of time or another. Therefore, finding a therapist or therapist is a long-term and permanent solution to the problem even when the potential button worn out.


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