How to Install LaPlaza Kodi Addon


How to Install the LaPlaza Kodi Addon Tutorial and Steps

Here we discuss installing LaPlaza Kodi addon. After many inquiries from our users, here is a guide on how to install LaPlaza Kodi Addon.

In this tutorial I will show you how to install the LaPlaza Addon On Kodi. This addon is available on all Kodi devices including FireStick, Cell Phones, Computers, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Shield, and more.

LaPlaza is essentially an on-demand streaming Kodi addon for movies and programs. However, it also includes many other streaming options, including Documentaries, Kids Corner, Fitness Zone, Music, Radio, and more.

In fact, this addon has an IPTV section too. You may find some working channels here.

Just as the Laplaza Kodi addon has a range of streaming options, supports Real Debrid and Traktv, and is currently running smoothly, we’ve added it to our range of popular Kodi addons.

The LaPlaza addon is available through the cy4root repository, which is part of our list of the best Kodi repositories.

Attention KODI users: read this before proceeding

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How to install the Laplaza addon on Kodi

In this section I am going to follow the steps for the Kodi addon on. However, I’ll break this section into two parts in the order in which they are supposed to be followed. This makes the process a little more understandable. Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Allow or enable the option Unknown sources in the settings on Kodi
  • Install the Laplaza addon on Kodi

Part 1: Allow or activate unknown resources

The reason we have to do this first is because Kodi doesn’t allow the external addons to be installed by default. This is a setting that must be changed first.

Follow the steps below:

1: After launching the Kodi app, stay on the home screen or main screen

This is what it looks like.

Here, go to the top left corner where you will see the Kodi logo. Click the gear icon and open it the settings

2: This is the kodi settings menu

Now we click on the option system


3: In the system window, you will find a number of options in the left menu

click Add-ons

Install the Laplaza Kodi addon

4: You will now find new options on the right and one of them is Unknown sources (as highlighted in the picture below)

This must be activated (if it is currently switched off). Click it!

Kodi unknown sources

5: Before Activating Unknown Sources, Kodi will ask you for confirmation

We click Yes keep going

Warning to unknown sources

For example, Kodi is configured to install the Laplaza addon (or some other third party addon).

Part 2: Install the Laplaza Kodi Addon

In this part we follow the installation steps. That’s how it’s done:

1: You want to go to Kodi the settings again (by clicking on the gear icon in the upper left part of the main kodi window)

How to install the Laplaza addon on Kodi

2: Open the option in the Settings menu File manager

Document management

3: You have to now Add source Option left and right

You click on one of these options (double-click if you’re using Kodi on a computer).

Click Add Source

4: Now you will see the next dialog box or popup window

Here we click where you can see

Add file source in Kodi file manager

5: In this part you will find the source url for the LaPlaza Kodi addon

Enter this path:

Enter the link carefully and make sure there are no typos

click OK

Cy4root repository link

6: You must now return to this window

Enter a name for the source URL you just added

I choose the name cy4root although you can enter a different name if you want

click OK Once again

Add the source name

7: We now return to the Settings menu. Hit the back button once (or if you click on the home screen, click the gear icon in the top left corner again).

click Addons

Add-in settings

8: Open the option Install zip files when this window appears

Installation from zip file

9: This pop-up window shows the source name added in step 6

I chose the name cy4root

Click on the name

Kodi Kodi addon Laplaza

10: On the next screen, open the zip file repository.cy4root-master

When you click on this file, the cy4root repository

Install the Laplaza Kodi addon

11: Wait a few seconds for the repository to be installed

Cy4root Repository Add-on installed The notification will appear in the top right of the screen

Laplaza Kodi addon

12: In the same window, click the option Installation from the repository

Installation from the repository

13. cy4root repository You just installed

Click on cy4root Repository

14: Click the option Video add-ins on the window that appears next time

List of video addons

15: You will find that Laplaza Addon here. Click it.

Laplaza addon

16: To install this addon, click the option To install in this window (bottom right)

how to install laplaza kodi addon

17: This window should show a list of all the addons that will be installed alongside Laplaza

click OK keep going

Laplaza supports files and addons

18: The installation starts now. It could take a minute or two.

We will wait for that LaPlaza add-on installed Notification (shown in the top right of the window)

Laplaza addon installed

19: If this prompt is displayed by the YouTube addon during or after the installation, click

A YouTube installation is not required for this addon to work

Install the Laplaza Kodi addon

That’s it! You have successfully installed the LaPlaza add-on Kodi.

Using the LaPlaza Kodi add-on

In this section we will discuss:

  • Access the Laplaza Kodi addon
  • Discover the Laplaza Kodi addon
  • Fixed “No Streams Available” issue
  • Give real debrid authorization

Part 1: Accessing the Laplaza Kodi Addon

If you already know how to access addons on Kodi, skip to the next section.

You can open video add-ons right from the main Kodi screen. Simply highlight (without clicking) the Add-ons Option in the left menu. You can find Laplaza in the Video Add-Ons section on the right

The other option is to click the Invo Add-ins option on the main screen. Don’t click on the next screen, just highlight it Video add-ins. The LaPlaza addon is available on the right

how to use Laplaza Kodi addon

Part 2: Discover the LaPlaza Kodi Addon

This is the main screen of the Laplaza addon. Here you will find the different streaming categories like Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids Corner, etc.

You can also explore some specific categories like TMDb Lists, Fitness Zone, Music Legends, and Radio.

Additionally, the LaPlaza Kodi addon has an IPTV section if you want to stream cable TV channels. However, this section is not really very reliable.

Laplaza addon content list

You will find that most of the categories are broken down into several sub-categories. For example, when I open Movies on the main screen, I find different sub-categories including genres, years, people, languages, viewers, etc.

These sub-categories can be further broken down into several sub-categories.

You browse the categories and sub-categories to find the content to stream.

Part 3: Fix No Streams Available Issue

It’s unlikely, but sometimes movies and shows won’t stream. Or sometimes the addon has a very small number of streams. Usually this can be resolved by the following steps:

1: Click on Tools on the main screen of the Laplaza Kodi addon

№ Streams available on Laplaza Kodi Addon

2: Click on Settings: Provider on the next screen

Provider of Laplaza

3: At this prompt you will be asked to install the OpenScrapers module. click Yes

opens scratches

4: Make sure the providers The tab is selected from the left menu

Check on the right under provider settings which scraper is selected for the provider selection. It can either be Open Scrapers or a Lipton module

Note: If the selected scraper does not work, choose the other one

Kodi Kodi addon Laplaza

5: Depending on the selected scraper, click on the corresponding scraper in the same window above (see image below).

6: In the next window, make sure that the General Tab is selected

Click now Activate all providers On the right side

Activate all providers on Laplaza for the add-on

Return to the main screen and navigate to the content you want to play. See Streams for more information.

Part 4: give real debrid permission

I’m going to give you the quick steps to connect Real Debrid to LaPlaza. Extension.

For detailed information, please visit our guide on setting up and using Real Debrid with Kodi.

Follow the steps below:

1: Click on Tools in the main window of the LaPlaza Kodi addon

Laplaza tools

2: Scroll down and click ResolveURL: Settings

Resolution settings

3: Click on Universal dissolver left menu

Scroll down to the Real Debrid section on the right

Change the priority value to 90 (the default is 100).

click (Re) authorize my account

Re-authorize authorization

4: You should see this doll with a code now

Go to in a web browser

Sign in with your Real Debrid account (if you haven’t already).

Enter this code

How to add a real debrid to the Laplaza addon on Kodi

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closes expressvpn for kodi


Everything here revolves around the LaPlaza add-on Kodi. This addon comes from the cy4root repositoryThis is one of the most trusted repositories these days. LaPlaza offers you numerous streaming options, including regular films and shows, as well as special categories. It looks like a decent addon right now.


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Technical data You need to install the LaPlaza Kodi addon

Internet: Good speed internet
R.A.M: 4 GB and more.
execution:: Last download
Supported devices Firestick, TV Windows, Linux and Android

How do I install LaPlaza Kodi Addon Guide is free?


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The price to install the LaPlaza Kodi Addon tutorial is Free or Freemium. This means that you can really enjoy the guide on how to install LaPlaza Kodi Addon.

The LaPlaza Kodi Addon Installation Guide offers you a user-friendly and efficient administration. With the installation of LaPlaza Kodi Addon you can concentrate on the most important things. It’s a friendly guide that you might love. The tutorial for installing the LaPlaza Kodi addon can be used on Linux, Windows or Android devices.

How to Install LaPlaza Kodi Addon Pros and Cons



  • The installation manual for LaPlaza Kodi Addon is free.
  • All the steps are easy to use.


Advantages of installing LaPlaza Kodi addon

  • The tutorial for installing the LaPlaza Kodi addon is free.
  • Helps many users get interested in time.
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How to install the LaPlaza Kodi addon

In this guide we have explained to you how to install the LaPlaza Kodi addon. Please read all the steps so that you can understand how to install LaPlaza Kodi Addon. If you need any help from us, please contact us.

What is this about and how do these steps help you?

This guide explains how to install LaPlaza Kodi Addon, which will undoubtedly help you.

In what actual time is this method completed?

The time to install the LaPlaza Kodi addon is almost half an hour to an hour.

What is the supported operating system?

Windows, Android and Linux. (Maybe also supported by ios)



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