How to Install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi


How to Install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi Tutorial and Steps

Here we are discussing installing CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi. After many requests from our users, here is a guide on how to install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi.

This guide will walk you through how to install the CellarDoor TV builds on Kodi Leia. This build works on all Kodi supported devices like Amazon FireStick, Mac & Windows, Android phones and more.

One of the best places to find popular Kodi builds for Kodi and Kodi is on the CellarDoor TV Assistant. The CellarDoor TV Kodi build is one of several builds that came from CellarDoor TV. It was developed and designed in a sleek and professional looking interface for easy navigation. This build includes some of the best Kodi addons out there. The fact that it’s stable and well organized means you’ll be able to enjoy your entertainment soon after installing it on your Kodi device.

Attention KODI users: read this before proceeding

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Steps to Install CellarDoor TV Kodi Build

Let’s start with the steps to install CellarDoor TV, which is based on Kodi. You’ll follow the steps for Kodi on Fire TV Stick and PC.

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Step 1: “Allow Unknown Sources” – To do this, go to Kodi Settings> System Preferences> Add-Ins> Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Go to Kodi Settings> File Manager.

Kodi file manager

Step 3: Open “Add Source”

Step 4: tap “”

Don't click any Kodi

Step 5: Enter the following url in the box: and click OK

Feed source url for basement-door TV builds

Step 6: Enter the name “Basement” (or anything else you want the source to be).

Basement by building TV

Step 7: You now want to go back to the Kodi home screen (press the backspace key, the esc back key depending on your device) and click on “Add-on”.

Step 8: Go to the top left corner of the next screen and open the Package Installer icon (the box icon).

Package Installer Kodi Builds

Step 9: Open the option “Install from zip file”

Installation from zip file

Step 10: Click on “Basement” and open it (or it could be a different name you added earlier).

Basement door TV Kodi is building

Step 11: Open the zip file “”. Please note that 6.0 is the version number and is subject to change.

Basement door TV is built on Kodi

Step 12: Let the repo installation notification appear. It will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Basement door TV Kodi creates assistant installed notification

Step 13: Open the option “Install from repository”

Installation from the repository Step 14: Open “BasementDoorTV Repo ”

Basement of TV Kodi building

Step 15: Click on “Program add-ins

Build basement door addons program

Step 16: Now open the option “CDTV assistant KRYPTON“or”CDTV assistant LEIA”Depending on the version of Kodi you are using

how to install cellarby tv kodi build

Step 17: On the next screen, click the “Install” option

Install the CDTV Wizard Kodi Builds

Step 18: Wait for the installation notification from “CDTV Wizard”.

Kodi is building basement door door TV assistants

Step 19: A welcome screen of the CellarDoor TV wizard (CDTV wizard) is displayed. You read the information and then click on “Discard”.

Basement of TV assistants

Step 20: Now a popup with new settings will appear. You choose the settings according to your needs and then click Next

Settings for the Basement TV wizard

Step 21: Another dollup will appear with the “Create Menu” option. Open it up.

Basement of TV builds menu

Note: If you don’t see the pop-ups from Step 9-11, go to the Kodi home screen and open Add-Ins> Program Add-ins> CellarDoor TV Assistant.

Step 22: Open CDTV Builds.

Cellar builds through TV

Step 23: The first picture below shows CellarDoor TV builds for Kodi Krypton – Infusion, Dominus, and Sonar. You install one of these, but I would recommend Dominus which works best. Click the name of the build you want.

The second picture shows builds for Kodi 18.1 – Kodi Leia. As you can see, the namesake builds CDTVare only available for Leia

Kodi cellar door TV is building

Install Basement Door TV builds on Kodi

Step 24: If you do not want to keep your existing data, select “Install standard”.

install cellarby build TV on kodi

Step 25: The Cellardoor TV wizard will now download the CellarDoor TV Dominus / Infusion Build. This can take a few minutes depending on the Internet speed and the CDTV server load.

Download Keller from Build TV

Step 26: When prompted, click “Force Close”. Launch Kodi again to launch cdtv (CellarDoor TV Build) on Kodi Krypton.

Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I want to warn you that whatever you stream on Kodi will be visible to your ISP and your government. This means that streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, sports) can get you into legal trouble.

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closes expressvpn for kodi

CellarDoor TV Kodi Build: Enjoy a New World of Entertainment!

Most of the developers of the CellarDoor TV Kodi build are independent programmers. You maintain and update the software out of passion and love for the community. Because of that, this Kodi build is free, open source, and rich in content for streaming! Some of the content that you can enjoy includes:


The user interface of movies doesn’t get any better! The CellarDoor TV user interface is stylish and allows you to browse a huge catalog of films from different genres. It captures the plots and miniatures of most of the top rated films in the world. If you’re a movie, action, or comic fanatic then you’ll fall in love with this category of Kodard builds for Cellardoor TV.

Live TV (TV Pro)

The TV category is dedicated to IPTV streams. It also has a sub-menu that acts as a gateway to the notable IPTV add-ons. The only annoying element in this section is the IPTV login popup which can be disabled! If you are impatient this doll can easily irritate you!

Television shows

The TV program category has a similar interface to the movie page. However, it does contain some additional information. Clicking on the title will take you to the TV show info like seasons and episodes, which, just like Netflix, is made for your ad!


This contains individual lists of songs that are divided into different genres. You can also use the sub-widget on the side which has buttons for Soundcloud and Spotify, among other notable music add-ons.

Children’s zone

CellarDoor TV Kodi building won’t leave the kids and families behind! This section contains submenu buttons that you can browse while on the go. The category has a user interface that mimics a 4K quality matte film!

Note: In case of errors during installation, make sure you have enabled third party software installations on your Kodi device! Check the Kodi log for errors for detailed information later and apply the solutions accordingly.

CellarDoor TV Kodi Build: Final Words!

Not only does the CellarDoor TV Kodi Build bring a whole world of media to your home, it also has a beautiful, eye-catching user interface. It’s full of great add-ons and premium content that can be streamed for free. I would recommend it to any type of viewer from teenagers to families to children!

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Specifications Installation of CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi required

Internet: Good speed internet
R.A.M: 4 GB and more.
execution:: Last download
Supported devices Firestick, TV Windows, Linux and Android

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How to Install CellarDoor TV builds on the pros and cons of Kodi



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How to Install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi

In this guide, we explained how to install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi. Please read all of the steps so you can understand how to install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi. If you need any help from us, please contact us.

What is this about and how do these steps help you?

This guide explains how to install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi which will undoubtedly help you.

In what actual time is this method completed?

The time it takes to install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi is almost half an hour to an hour.

What is the supported operating system?

Windows, Android and Linux. (Maybe also supported by ios)



For developers: This is a user-based portal so mistakes happen somehow. If you are the original developer of any software using information in this guide on installing CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi and would like to make changes to any software, please contact us. We will surely help you within 48 hours.

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