How To Create a Kid’s Profile on Hulu

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Guide: How To Create a Kid’s Profile on Hulu

One of the advantages of streaming video services is the ability to create profiles. You can create a profile for each member of your home so they can have their own list of favorite shows. It also allows you to create a profile for children. When you create it, you will just see family-friendly programming. How to create it. Hulu allows you to create separate profiles for each person viewing your account. Setting one up up gives you the option of switching to a child profile limited to family-friendly shows and movies. R or TV-MA displays will not appear on the Hulu child profile.

Each Hulu magazine can manage up to six individual profiles that provide standardized recommendations and recall viewing history. Each profile also has its own timeline which makes it easy for you to keep all the shows and movies you watched on the video streaming service as you can manually add any show, event, clip, movie or trailer to save for later . . As part of these new profiles, there is also a child profile option so parents can restrict access to inappropriate content. Here is everything you need to know about Hulus profile feature how to set it up.

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How to create a profile for your child

  • Access Hulu from a computer.
  • Click + Add Profile on the Who’s Viewing screen.
  • On the next screen, provide a profile name and toggle on the kids feature to provide automatic child-friendly programming only. Then click Create Profile.
    • Alternatively, you can go beyond rolling Kids away and provide your child’s birthday and gender.
  • Fill in the relevant information, check the box to indicate parental permission, and click Create Profile.

How to Update a Hulu Kids Profile

You can update or lift content restrictions on a profile at any time.

  • Go to your Hulu account control page and select the pencil icon next to the profile.
  • Select change mode under Kids and set to Off mode.
  • Enter the date of birth, then select Save changes.


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