Guide: Use Private Relay in iOS 15

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Guide: Guide: Use Private Relay in iOS 15

During browsing, the information contained in your web traffic, such as DNS records and your IP address, will be displayed to your network provider and the websites you checked. The information gathered above can be used to verify your identity and build a data profile of your location and browsing history over time. ICloud Privacy Record is designed to protect the privacy of personal information by ensuring that when browsing the web in Safari, no party – especially Apple – can see both who it is and what kind of sites it is visiting.

When the Private Revolution is on, your questions are sent through two different, safe and secure internet platforms. Your IP address will be displayed to your network provider and to the first switch, which Apple is working on. DNS records are saving, so no one can see the web address you are trying to visit. The second round, which is run by a third-party content provider, creates a temporary IP address, identifies the requested website name and links it to the site. All of this is done using the latest technologies of the internet to maintain a high browsing experience while maintaining your privacy.

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Step 1: Make sure you have the correct updates

Private messaging is brand new feature and is currently only available with the latest updates. Your first step is to update all your Apple devices with it. Upgrade to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and MacOS Monterey before doing anything else.

Note that there are still limitations in using Private Rotation. It only works in a limited number of countries, and only Safari is currently available, not other browsers.

Step 2: Make sure you subscribe to Cloud +

You will have to subscribe to iCloud + to use Private Relay, so make sure you have signed up up before checking the settings. Check us out guide to all available iCloud subscriptions, and choose the right one for you. Once signed up for iCloud +, you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 3: Head to iCloud settings

Let’s take a look at mobile devices, where Private Relay is an important alternative to a VPN. Access it home screen, and head to the Settings application with your gear icon.

Double-check that you have logged in to your correct Apple account, then select your Name / Account Icon at the top of Settings.

Step 4: Activate Private Immigration

Select iCloud when it comes to your account information. In most iCloud settings, find the option that says Private Revolution (Beta) and select.

You will now see the option to activate This Private, so make sure you are on here.

When you enable Private Rotation, you will also see another pop-up option up called IP Address Location. If you go to this menu, you will notice two different options: One to Maintain General Status and one to Use Country and Time Zone.

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Maintain General Mode is the default setting and provides Safari with tips about which area are available. It is not clear how exact this is, but it is designed to allow Safari to provide local content, such as regular local searches and ads. It is safe to say that Safari will have an idea of ​​what city you are in if you leave this system.

If that makes you uncomfortable, you can switch to Use Country and Time Zone. As the name implies, this limits your location data to only your country and time zone. As mentioned, that is not good as a VPN that can easily hide your location and allow you to take initiatives from servers around the world, but it is also a lot better than anything if you want to keep your browsing information from being collected.

Are you on a Mac?

Don’t worry, it’s easy to activate Private Rotation here, especially. Instead of going to settings, you will want to find the type of Program Preferences instead, which is always in your Dock or may come with Spotlight.

Then, select your Apple ID> iCloud> Private Relay. Here, you will find the same options available in iOS.

When to Enable Private Rotation

You can activate Private Relay as easily (Apple will give you a short warning), and there are times when you may want to do this. For example, some websites may not work properly with the on-demand system. Some services designed to monitor, analyze, or filter Internet information may not work at all with Private Collaboration. Some businesses may also want you to use their VPN instead of turning on this Privacy.

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Luckily, it is also possible to customize the service to specific Wi-Fi networks so that they do not use Private Relay, but will work elsewhere. Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi, and select the small blue icon “i” next to the connected network. Here you will find an option called iCloud Private Relay that you can enable or disable if you choose.


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