How to Set Up CloudFlare CDN for Website or Blog

As we discuss in previous post importance of CDN in SEO. As we know that CDN helps us to improve the speed of our web site whole loading. In this post, I will talk about how we set up CND for our blog or website for free. So read this post carefully because this is one of the important things in our blogging career. If you are not used CDN on your blog or website then you miss big opportunity to increase a speed of your website. There are no of services are available which provide this CDN services. But my favorite is CloudFlare CDN because it provides free service for one website. That is the really cool thing for such a blogger whose budgets are really tight.How to Set Up CloudFlare CDN for Website or Blog

If you want to take some to take some addition information about Content Delivery Network, then read my previous post What is CDN? Why is CND important for blog or website?. I think you will get full information about CDN there.

We will proceed to our topic which we discuss in this post. I am going to show you that how we set up CDN network for our blog or website. Read this steps carefully because it is very important for your blog or website.

What is CloudFlare CDN?

CloudFlare is a one of the Content Delivery Network provider for bloggers or webmasters. As we know that content delivery network transmits our data to our main data center though edge data center. Due to this, our website speed is increased. The best part of CloudFlare is it provides free service to small website owners or bloggers. That is pretty good.

How to Set Up CloudFlare CDN For Our Website or Blog?

Before going into detail steps of setting up CloudFlare we need to check the speed of our website because we need  to check improvement in future. So pls check the speed of your website before going to set up CDN on your blog or website. Some hosting providers like Bluehost, HostGator gives the option of setting up CloudFlare automatically. If you do not get any option then follow these steps to set up this tool to your website or blog.

  Follow these easy steps to set up this tool on your blog or website.

Step 1– Go to

Step 2- Now login into your account if you are not creating account then create the new account by clicking on Sign Up Option.

Step 3- After this click on Add Site and put the address of your website as shown in the image. After doing this click on button Begin Scan

Click on Begin Scan

Step 4- After scanning is completed now this tool shows you total DNS record of your websites. Best part of this is it shows our DNS record automatically if some record is missing then add new DNS record by clicking on button Add Record

Add Record

Step 5- After adding full DNS record here now click on Continue Button. Now Select free plan for your website or blog.

Select free plan

Step 6- Next step is to update our previous NameServers with the new one as shown in this tool. For changing your NameServers you may go to Domain provider where you find your NameServers change that NameServers with a new one. That’s it this process completed set up of  CDN on your website or blog.

Change NameServers

Pls note one thing sometimes your website will be down due to the configuration of DNS on cloudFlare Servers. So don’t worry wait 4 to 5 hr your website will function properly. This this end of the beautiful post that helps you to improve your speed of your website.

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