Renew Your Existing Domain for free with BigRock.Com

BigRock is a well-known domain and hosting provider in the world. BigRock provides domains at very low cost. And also BigRock provides various offers on the purchases of their product. Now today we will talk about such offer. By this offer, we are able to renew our domain for free for one year. I am many bloggers know that BigRrock provides a domain for 1 year at Rs 99 for new customers. If you anvil this offer than you get addition one year without any cost.

This is simply “Refer a Friends” program. You need to get this offer Refers 3 Friends on BigRock. I think this is not the big number for us. This is the best opportunity for us to save around Rs 700 to renew our Domain. I this post I am going to show you how we can do this.

So many peoples think that what is the benefit of our friends to refer to us. I am very happy to say that Your friend which you want to refer to you gets up to 25% discount due to this offer.So we this program you and your friends also get the advantage of this offer.

Steps To Renew Your Existing Domain for free

Now I am going to explain steps to follow to renew your domain free for one year. Before going to start I want to say something. If you will purchase a new domain from BigRock than pls put in Box Coupon “” to get up to 25% off. You will join under me on BigRock. You may use this address directly get this offer “Click Here to Go“. Now if you have already one domain you want to renew this then do following steps.

Step 1: Now Go to BigRock Offer Page. Now Login with your existing account of BigRock.

Go to BigRock Offer Page

Step 2: As you can see in above screenshot BigRock Provides Two way to invite your friends. First, one is Email And second one is by Facebook And Twitter Share. If you choose first then put the emails of your friends and click on the button ” Send Invites“. Now invitation is sent to your friends.

Send Email

If you choose second than directly click on the buttons “Share on FaceBook ” and “Tweet on Twitter” according to your requirement. In such a way that you can send invitation to your friends

Share on Facebook and Twitter

Step 3: There the one another way by which you can directly tell your friends to put your domain address (like on coupon box. This is one way.

Step 4: After this your task is completed now you refer around 3 friends then you will Renewal of One Year.

Now you can do this steps with your domain and invite your friends and get the one-year free renewal of domain. I think I am explaining everything which you want to know. Thank you for reading this post. Pls share with your friends.

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