How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Stupid Hackers

WordPress blog is more hackable than blogger blog, there is one reason behind this, that reason is WordPress ecosystem is more complex due to its plug-in and other features. If we use these plugins in a proper way  than that plugins are doing a great work for us. If some time due to these plugins chances of hacking your website. In this post, we are going to discuss about how we protect our blog from such a stupid hackers.

How To Protect Your WordPress Blog From Stupid Hackers

In this post, I am going to show you how you can increase the security of your WordPress blog. As we know that the importance of SEO in blogging, along with this security is also very important. There are lots of ways by which hackers hack your website.

I got such experience when I started my blogging career, pls do this step first this is my request to all my readers. I am very thankful to my hosting provider which give me a backup of my website. That backup is 7 days ago from the data of hacking. I lost 7 days work due to this attached. That time I realized that give protection to the website is really important for the future of our blog.

Now we start with  how we hackers hack  our blog.

Ways by which hackers hack WordPress blog

In this section of the post, I am going to explain everything about this protection that we are giving to our blog. First of all, we need to understand that how hackers hack our blog. There are lots of ways by which hackers hack our blog I am explaining here some ways.

Hackers hack our blog from login by putting our login details first thing you want to understand pls don’t share you login details. And another thing that doesn’t put your login details anywhere expects your blog login page.

The second way by which chances of hacking our WordPress blog with plugins. As we know that WordPress is the big community of plugins so hackers produce infected plugins for fishing purpose so pls use trusted plugins in your blog. Before installing plugin pls  check the rating of that plugins.

These are some ways by which hackers hack our blog. I am not going into deep of our domain or hosting hacking because with the powerful password you can protect your hosting and domains.

How we can protect our WordPress blog

This is the main section where we are going to discuss about exact step to protect our blog. before going into details pls install following plugin which we required to during this process.

  • Wordfence Security
  • WPS Hide Login
  • WP Double Protection
  • BackUpWordPress
  • Akismet

Install these plugins in your blog because this plugin is very important for this protection process. First, we are talking about Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security

This plugin is the very important plugin that increases our protection from hacking our blog we can use the various options to protect our blog. Following are different options is provided within this plugin for protecting our blog

  1. Scan
  2. Firewall
  3. Live Traffic
  4. Performace set up
  5. Blocked IPs
  6. password audit
  7. Cell phone sign in
  8. Country Blocking
  9. Scan Schedule
  10. Whois Lookup
  11. Advance Blocking
  12. Options

These are some features provided by the WordFance security


With this option, you can check the status of your blog. With you can find malware files and if some issues occur than wordfance shows in the notification. you can resolve that issue. For scaning, you need to click on the button Start Wordfence Scan. After this scaning is started you check the status of you website.

Click on Start a Wordfence Scan

If some issue is getting within this scan than that issue is showing into notifications pannel like this

Get issues

Scan Schedule

With this, you ca make a schedule of the scanning process. But this feature is only available for the paid version of this plugin. If you are on free version you need to do this scan manually there are no facility of Scan Schedule for a free version.


Firewall gives protection to our blog from a unkonwn attack of hacking. For enable the firewall protection we need to go with this root WordFence> Firewall. Here you can see the option to enable the firewall protection on your blog. Now select the option Enable And Protecting and click on save button. now your firewall protection is on.

Select Enable and protecting

Live Traffic

In this section, you can check live traffic that coming on your website and you can also find out suspicious activity happening with you blog. You can also blog that IP address so you can get protection from different attacks.

Live Traffic

As shown in screen shot there is some suspicious activity is happening on my website but due to firewall protection. I don’t care about this by clicking on block button I have easily blocked this IP address. In such a way that you can find out the threat on you blog.

Blocked IPs, Advance blocking and Country Blocking

With this feature, you can block suspicious IP address that you are finding in you live traffic section. If you want to block the whole country than such a type of option is also provided on this plugin. But this option is only for the paid users. In Advance blocking, you can block IP address with the same pattern. In such a way that you can protect you blog from suspicious activity


In this section, we can put some restriction on the login of our blog. With this, we can put login attempt according to our requirement. If any one tries to login in you dashboard then you can set login attempt 2 then only 2 chances are provided to you as well as your author to login in the dashboard. If 2 times failed login then that IP address is blocked for some time period. You can set that time period. All these options you can find here.

WPS Hide Login

With this plugin, we can hide our login URL from the hackers. URL like You can set login URL according to you. That is the best part of this plugin. So hacker is not finding your login URL easily. For changing the URL you need to go with this root Settings> General Settings. Below you can find the option to change your login URL according to you.

WPS Hide Login

WP Double Protection

This is one of the best plugins to increase the security of our blog. With this plugin, we are able to put two passwords for login. If any one got you one Password then the second password is also needed to log in within the DashBroad. This is the really cool thing for a blogger like me.

Second Password


By using this plugin we are able to take a scheduled backup of our website as well as our database. With this, we are able to avoid loss of data if our blog under any attached. For that you need to go with this root Tools> Backups. Here you can find the different options to take a backup of your website as well as data base

Data Base

I think I am explaining every thing that you need to understand. Follow this procedure to increase you blog security as well as protect you blog from stupid hackers. If you got such experience then share with me by putting comments in comments section. Thank you for reading my post

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