OpenLinkProfiler.Com- Best Tool to check and analysis backlinks

OnlineLinkProfile is the best tool to check and analysis the backlinks of your website as well as your competitor’s website. I used this tool for a long time and also use this tool to analysis the link building structure of my competitor’s.  This tool shows you backlinks of any domain name you need only follow simple steps to check backlinks of any website or blog.OpenLinkProfiler.Com- Best Tool to check and analysis backlinks

As we know that importance of backlinks in SEO it is very necessary to check backlinks of our website and also analysis backlinks of our competitors. So with the tool tells us the quality of backlink. This is one of the beast function of this tool.

You can check unlimited backlinks with this OpenLinkProfiler, and also you can save all the data in .CSV format to check that data in future. Now let us start to check this tutorial

Steps To Check Backlinks with OpenLinkProfiler.Com

With this steps, you can check  backlinks of any website. I am going to show you exact steps to follow to do check backlinks with OpenLinkProfile

Step 1- Now Go to OpenLinkProfiler.Com  And put the address of website whose backlinks you want to find as shown in the image.

find backlinks

Step 2- Now after putting your address in the box as shown in the image. We need to click on Analyze Backlinks Button to get structure of links of your website

Click on analyze

Step 3- This is Done you get backlinks on any website as well as it gives the quality of each backlink. You can check backlink of any website. After getting this we need to analysis this. I am going to explain this in the following section so read this carefully.

Link Structure

How to Analysis Links Structure of your Competitors Website

After understanding how to check backlinks of any website, we need to analysis that links to get the better result for SEO. Before go into deep  the process How to Analysis. We need to understand few thinks regarding OpenLinkProfiler.Com. After understanding these thinks we easily analysis backlinks of any website

Terms Regarding

  • Total Active Backlinks– This section shows us how much backlinks are activated on that website or blog.
  • Unique Active Backlinks-  This shows us numbers of domains pointing towards the website which we inserted in the
  • Links to Home Page– This show a total number of links are pointed towards the Home Page of that website.
  • Nofollow Links- This shows percentages of No follow Backlinks available on that website.
  • LIS- the Full form of LIS is Links Influence Score. This number shows us Quality of that Backlinks

Now after understanding this terms we will be proceeding towards our next step is to analysis and download Link Structure of any website. After clicking on the section of LIS as shown in an image. These links are arranged in such a way that we get high-quality links in the top as shown in the image. In such a way that we see backlinks with good quality.

Click on LIS

After clicking on the Section of Export 1000 Links  on the left site of OpenLinkProfiler. We can download top quality 1000 backlinks of any website in CSV format.

Export 1000 Links

In such a way to can Check, Analysis And Download the Backlinks of Any website.

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