Are Mobile Games the Next Big Platform for Advertisements?

 Mobile Games the Next Big Platform for Advertisements

Mobile Gaming is the range two online pastime in recent times, in the back of our favorite, watching video on-line. There are over seven hundred million online gamers globally, and a mentioned 46% of them are women. More than 1.2 billion people are engaging in games worldwide, according to a state of the industry report by Spil Games. All those, about 700 million play online games. That amounts to 44 percent of the world’s online population, according to comScore data cited by Spil Games.

“Clash of Clans” selected Liam Neeson to star its Super Bowl ad & Game of War Fire Age” released a Kate Upton-led commercial add; and “Heroes Charge,” although without any celebrity advertisement, purchased 15 seconds featuring an animated fight scene.

“Advertisers will pay a growing number of interest to the mobile gaming area because of the mass audience and due to the fact clients’ urge for food for brand spanking new mobile  games could indicate a possibility to introduce branded content material into the gap.”


A hundred and fifty-five million people frequently play games.

Forty-two percent of Americans play for at the least 3 hours in step with the week.

4 out of 5 American households incorporate a device used to play video games.


The average sports customers are 35 years antique.

26 percentage of clients are under 18 years old. 27 percent are over 50.

Fifty-six percentage of players are male. 44 percentage are a lady.

The maximum average girl game player is on average forty-three years vintage, and the average male sports player is 35 years old.

Of the most frequent game purchasers, forty-one percentage are a girl, and 59 percent are male.

On-line video games

One in 3 of the most lively sports gamers pays to play online games.

The most popular genres among various players are social games, action and puzzles/card/trivia.

39 percentage of the most common game enthusiasts play social video games.

Fifty-four percentage of gamers use a recreation console to move movies.

Casual gamers say they spend 6.5 hours in line with week gambling with others on-line and 5 hours gaming with others in character.

Of these many players who play with others, 15 percent play with their partner or associate.

Parents and youngsters

Eighty-four percent of mother and father are aware of the ESRB rating system. Sixty-nine percentage of dad and mom often check scores earlier than buying games.

90 percent of mother and father say their kids can only buy or hire games with their parental consent.

Seventy-nine% of parents place closing dates on online game gambling.


U.S. consumers spent $22.forty one billion on games in 2014.

Among traditional recreation income, the top genres in 2014 were action (28.2 percent) shooters (21.7 percentage) and sports activities (13.3 percent).

Virtual income account for 52 percentage of sales towards physical media’s forty-eight percentage. In 2010, digital’s share became 29 percent.

“Video games are ingrained in our culture,” stated ESA president and CEO Michael Gallagher. “pushed with the aid of some the maximum modern minds within the tech area, our industry’s unparalleled leaps in software program and hardware engages and inspires our various worldwide target audience. Our artists and creators continue to push the leisure envelope, ensuring that our industry will preserve its upward trajectory for years to come.”

Summer 2015 report on mobile ad spend in the U.S. – eMarketer projects an increase of 50% this year (2015) to $29 billion or 49% of digital ad spend. However, their research uncovered the fact that most brands and agencies still struggle to measure mobile audiences accurately.  Their findings around measurement issues align with what we see in the market. Our experience talking to media companies and brands finds the majority of them are not using third-party ad servers to measure campaign performance and attribution.

Mobile gaming as an advertising and marketing platform provide marketers direct client connects, as the usage is non-public and greater experiential, in comparison to natural selling on different mediums. A large possibility for client–emblem engagement is waiting to be explored, as this platform offers a couple of seamless options for incentivized / non-incentivized promotional opportunities, alongside local and show advertising fashions. Entrepreneurs at the moment are gauging the massive similarities among app downloads and on-line seek, as both are based on person possibilities and interests tiers.

Games in Advertising:
Around Game Ads
This game advertising type includes game sponsorship of display units around the match. Display or digital video ads are shown while the game loads or can demonstrate during natural breaks in gameplay, such as between levels (“inter-level,”) or between rounds of play (Source IAB)
In-Game Ads – Display ads within the game and ads triggered based on experience within the game, integrated within the game environment. There are two primary types:
Static or dynamically served in-game ads that are built into the game environment
Value Exchange is a model that is gaining popularity with marketers, developers, and gamers. These ads allow players to engage with an ad in exchange for in-game content and rewards, such as a new game level, in-game currency, branded items, etc. (Source IAB)
Custom Branded Games (aka Advergames) – These are custom-made games specifically designed around a brand and act as de-facto longer format ads, cleverly blending brand messaging with a fun and interactive gaming experience to achieve campaign objectives. (Source IAB)
 Game Ads – Shorter version of Advergames with 15-60 seconds gameplay, which is “not trying to compete with full game experience,” but is running as part of an Ad campaign, e.g., In social media or in-app. We refer to Game Ads as also “mini-games,” “interactions” or “toys.” Those are mostly being used as part of brand engagement or content marketing campaigns to introduce a new brand/or new product, raise awareness or indirectly/directly explain a new specific feature or topic through simple game mechanics.(SOURCE-game wheel)
The social game of 2016 turned into Overwatch, in line with the GamesBeat workforce. However this sensation isn’t going to evaporate into reminiscence anytime soon, and that has us thinking what snow fall’s sci-fi shooter goes to look like over the next one year.
“Developing a game that breaks like ‘clash of Clans’ and ‘candy weigh down’ takes an incredible quantity of time and investment. And these video games have raised the bar for users. So if a company were to launch a subpar branded gaming enjoy, it would turn off users,”.


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