How to Recover Deleted Photos, Files, and Text Messages on iPhone?

Unwanted photos, text messages, and files can be the main reason a phone fills up its storage and creates issues for the user. Sometimes, while deleting unnecessary information from a cell phone, essential images and files get deleted alongside. As a result, it becomes the reason for regret for someone who realizes the importance of mistakenly deleting a picture or a text from an iPhone. However, with the advancement of technology every day, discovering new ways to recover data also kicks in. Therefore, panic is unnecessary when an image, file, or text gets deleted mistakenly from an iPhone. 

Suppose a person somehow deletes a picture or a file mistakenly. In that case, the operating system drops the deleted file to a Recently Deleted album, where the file resides for 30 days from the day of deletion. After that, the user can recover the deleted file back to its original location from the Recently Deleted album. Alternatively, if a Picture, file or text message gets permanently deleted from an iPhone, you can redirect yourself to and know a straightforward and easy way to recover them. Next, let’s focus on the simple ways to quickly recover deleted photos, files, and text messages from an iPhone. 

  • Recovery Via iCloud

According to Stack Overflow, there are more than 782 million active iPhone users, and around 60% prefer to back up data on iCloud or iTunes. People use this method to back up data because they know the information they need is stored in iCloud:

  1. A login into the iCloud account is required to access the backup file location.
  1. After opening the backup folder, a list of data will appear from where one can choose the data which needs to be recovered and leave the unwanted data behind.
  1. A quick scan is required to avail and access the list data restored. The user will require a similar process to back up data from iTunes if they have it stored there.
  • Using a Professional iOS Data Recovery Tool

The recovery of valuable data such as photos and text images can be made using a professional recovery tool compatible with an iPhone. However, the alternative way to recover photos with the help of iCloud or iTunes backup comes with significant disadvantages. Firstly, one cannot selectively backup data, and the whole file containing the backup gets restored. As a result, new data gets replaced by the old data containing the backup, which results in the loss of critical data saved by the user. Furthermore, the user cannot check the backup details before proceeding with the backup, and this may restore unwanted data and waste time simultaneously.

The reasons mentioned above are enough to prefer using a professional backup tool which will help backup only the data that needs to be restored, not the unnecessary data. 

  • Recovery Without Backup

If no backup is available for the required data, follow the steps below and carefully backup data by connecting your iPhone with the Computer:

  1. Recovery tools such as PhoneRescue must be downloaded and installed on the respective computer.
  1. After the connection of the iPhone to the computer, run a full body scan of the respective phone. Hence, unselect all the data and choose the required data to be backed up, such as images and text messages.
  1. Press OK and wait for the backup to complete.
  • Recovery Through Messaging Apps

Photos and files shared over messaging apps such as WhatsApp, and Viber can be extracted from the default location where a file saves shared images and texts data. Extracting media shared over messaging apps can then be done per the user’s requirement. Of course, the original quality of the picture might get affected, but the user can do the restoration quickly without any complications. The connection between the PC and the respected iPhone is required to access the data stored in the default file location for further browsing and restoration.

To avoid complications later, a person needs to be careful and attentive while deleting pictures or essential data from an iPhone. Mentioned above were a few easy and time-saving ways to recover mistakenly deleted pictures or text messages from your iPhone. It is always advised to check the recently deleted album where the photos are stored by default because the restoration from there can be straightforward and time-saving. 

Nobody would want essential data to be misplaced, even if done by mistake. Therefore, one should always have a backup plan to be cautious enough not to lose any crucial data. It is advised to regularly back up data in a safe place where the user can easily retrieve it.

Rakesh Chadda
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