How to create engaging youtube outro

A YouTube intro is defined as a short video clip that appears at the beginning of each video. The time duration of the YouTube intro can range from five to 30 seconds, and it helps the audience to get an idea about the YouTube channel. It is meant to set the mood and give a hint to the viewers of what they can expect.

You can come across an introductory video on some YouTube channels, and these videos are not like YouTube intro. This is because the introductory video is a full-length video.

But the YouTube outro is different from a YouTube intro, and it is the last part of the video where you attempt to influence the viewers to subscribe to your channels.You can always delete your youtube channel if you want. 

Whether you want to draw viewers towards the same kind of videos from your channels or make them like and subscribe to your videos, having a YouTube outro allows you to make an action that can help to grow your channel. Since you give so much effort in making the video, it is essential to get the most out of your YouTube outro and influence your viewers to take some action.

Best Practices to Consider

Be as creative as you can be. It should be able to represent your brand, tone of the YouTuber, and style. But as with anything, there are a few things that you should follow to make the end video of the screen clickable. A YouTube outro without a call to action button can immediately make the viewers exit the app. For that, Invideo would be the best option.

Choose a Goal In Mind 

The end screen or the last part of the video should be such that it should be relevant to the video content and should have a particular goal. The goal may be like making the viewer click on your series of videos that you have made previously or stretching the video time of your channel to get more subscribers or generate traffic to an external link. In short, at the end of the video, there should be a reason for the viewers to take action.

The main objective of an outro is to enhance the engagement rate and drive traffic around your video content. But if you end up making a cluttered one, then the audience can become mad at you. You should choose the most uncomplicated design that helps express your content’s message as a general rule. After all, you do not want the audience to be directed in some other direction. It is advisable to opt for a famous video maker with multiple readymade templates that you can later edit to make a personalized YouTube outro at the end screen. You can incorporate pleasant outro music at the end of the video.You can always download youtube videos on your smartphone or personal computer.

Do not make the end screen cluttered with multiple elements. When users find too many features on the end screen, they cannot focus. Therefore it is better to make your end screen intelligent and straightforward. In this way, you will be able to avoid unnecessary distractions. Consequently, it is convenient for your viewers to know what is crucial and what is not.

You Should Make Holistic Approach

If you are starting a new channel on YouTube, you should first determine the subject of your channel on which you want to create content. Do you need to know what your videos should be remembered for? And what is the thing that you are trying to express to your viewers? You need to have a holistic approach instead of concentrating on a particular video to build your brand image. At the end screen, you can also point out related content of your channels after they complete seeing your video. There are some cool youtube tricks you should know.

Including a CTA Always Makes Sense

If you make the end screen without a call to action button, your viewers will begin to make other videos. If you want to keep your viewers engaged, you should consider having a call to action button. For instance, if your channel posts videos relevant to the skincare regime and want your viewers to check out other videos related to skincare, then you should consider adding links in the description. However, the links you added in the report should have made sense. If you link a video not associated with the previous one, your viewers may become irritated and leave the site immediately.

Use Consistency As Your Key Ingredient 

Consistency is an essential element for making YouTube outros and any other YouTube content. These elements can include logos, colors, and editing styles, and all these elements help establish a brand image and build trust.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why Should I Care To Use YouTube Outro?

It is made for having a better engagement of the viewers. It is mainly achieved through a call to action button. Call to action helps to direct the viewers to other videos of your channel and gives the audience the chance to subscribe to your channel. 

2. Do I Need to Be a Technological Wizard for Making YouTube End Screen?

Well, you can take the help of the free editor app available on the Google Play Store.

3. What Is the Minimum Time Duration for a YouTube Outro?

The YouTube outro should stay active for at least 20 seconds.

4. What Type of Elements That Can You Add To YouTube Outro? 

  • A playlist
  • Subscribe Button
  • Link of other channels
  • Adding Channels


An influential YouTube outro should be able to draw the attention of your audience, which helps to enhance the time duration of the video. It also allows the YouTube algorithm to know whether your channel is worth watching or not. Apart from that, you have the chance to make an identifiable brand image that you can make use of in your upcoming videos. Many experts suggest making multiple YouTube outros and judging, which works well. If this article has provided any value to you, you may also find it interesting to read in other articles.  

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