7 Steps to Starting an SEO Campaign

SEO Campaign

You may be considering implementing an SEO strategy of your own but are at a loss for where to start, or even wondering if it’s worth pursuing for your business. Today, we’re going to look at some easy things you can do to start your website’s SEO on the right foot – even if you can’t hire a professional to help you out.

Here is a list of 7 Steps to Starting an SEO Campaign to get full control of the ranking process

1. Social Networking

Social networking is crucial and integral part of off page marketing, do more social sharing but share only valuable content to users. Be regularly active on the website and Social Media. Social media shares are stronger than other tools these days with Google, especially with topics that are currently relevant. Remember that the posts should not be spam.

2. Blog Posting

Every B2B business should have a blog so that they can share valuable information about their services or products. Social bookmarking-It still works and will be.

3. Guest Posting

If done correctly guest posting could give the instant boost to web page ranking. But you should not do spam as it can cost not your ranking but ban from search engines.

4. Press Release

Do press release but always write in the third person and post only when you have newsworthy information about your business.

5. Social Sharing Buttons

2017 is the mix of Social and Seo, integrate social sharing buttons on your blog, it will encourage users to share the post.

6. Local listing

Use your domain name while doing the local listing, give as much information as you can give so that users can found you quickly.

7. Google Authorship

Get Google Authorship for your blog or posts, this can give you the high ranking for your blog posts and increase traffic of your website.

Some more basic tactics that you can use to Effectively Build a  Seo campaign:

Change the Content of your website
The best practice to improve your rankings in Google is to create quality content on the website which must be relevant to the website with correct English and grammar. The content must be more specific to the search results.

Content should be original and unique
You need to add original, unique content on the website which should not be copied/duplicate from any other website or source. There should not be any duplicity in content in the internal pages of the website. There must be content on each page of the website.

Start using the Google Keyword Planner Tool

Integrate suitable images
Google also crawls for images and pictures. You should add related images on the website that match your text and add more user experience.

Create quality backlinks
You can also do guest blogging for building good quality links.

Analyze Website Setup

  • What is your website platform?
  • Do you need to change your current design?
  • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • Niche audience?

You should update your website regularly. Google crawls that website more rapidly which contains regular posts and updates. You can add new products, new posts, photos and upcoming events.

Study material:

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I hope above article 7 Steps to Starting an SEO Campaign will let you do grab knowledge about Seo campaign. The study material that mentioned in the article will also help you out in many of the topics related to Seo campaign. If we missed something above please let us know. We would love to hear you.

Rakesh Chadda
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