What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is branding and promoting your product, services as well as your business through digital media or online platforms to generate revenue. It’s all about a perfect prediction of users/web visitors behaviors, then identifying & duplicating their thought process towards market trends which helps to develop, promote and sell your products and services. In the 21st century digital marketing is the crucial part of success in any kind of business.

Online promotion is very crucial for businesses that want to make their website a vital source of sales/revenue rather than a peripheral one. Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM) and Social media optimization (SMO) aren’t concepts you have to be scared of. They aren’t something only the wealthy, well-established companies do, leaving small and medium businesses out of the loop. Where online marketing comes into play is to help you be found in the online world. If we talk about the present high-tech situation,  there are several ways to promote your website on the Internet. A quick online search and you will see the acronyms SEO, SEM, and SMO all over the web.

Online marketing is all about perception and visibility. Your customers will find you in one of three ways:

  • They already know your company and look specifically for you
  • You’re recommended by another website or business, and they find you by following a link
  • Your business is found through searching
  • You will get benefitted through various social network platforms

Now, the primary meanings of the acronyms and Difference Between SEO, SMO, And SEM

Search Engine Optimization⇐Detailed description

SEO helps in getting the web page or a site page on the top situating in web search engines. By extending the perceivability of a website in the positioning of important search engines, progressively web customers visit the web page achieving development in business. SEO is a great technique for getting more Traffic to a site by an organic method. It ought to be conceivable by two strategies, white hat SEO or black hat SEO.

Search engine crawlers look to deliver the highest quality rankings possible and will search for things like:

  • Descriptive page titles and URLs which incorporate keywords
  • A website that is regularly updated and has highly relevant content such as articles and blog posts
  • Inbound links from other websites that help showcase your site as credible and authoritative
  • Mobile-friendly content

Search Engine Optimization starter guide

Social Media Optimization⇐ Detailed description

SMO is the arrangement of growing awareness of a site with the use of social network bunches. These Social Media Optimizations consolidate interpersonal associations like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Plus+, Instagram and that is just the tip of the ice mass. SMO helps in growing the situating of a site on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Search Engine Marketing⇐Detailed description

SEM involves marketing your website through search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is all about optimizing paid traffic sources. SEM is the practice of using several different methods of reaching possible website visitors through search engines. It is utilizing these channels to promote your website and traffic to it, which turn can increase your profit if you are a business trying to promote its website. By using SEM, you can promote your business on the web.

Search Engine Marketing

Which is right for you?

I hope you can get some basic idea from these definitions that, the acronyms works together. Every website online marketing planning will surely have an SEO element. It is the giant amongst of all of them, and without a regular SEO plan, your business website will not be able to show up on the first page for any search engines other than a specific search for your business name and location. Since I have such an excellent SEO, why would I need to add SEM? As you get to know the definition, it is a perfect way to do a paid advertising and also has measurable results mainly; you can see when your advertising is on page one and measure the visitor’s traffic going to your website from those paid ads. SMO will undoubtedly increase the visibility and popularity of your social networks profiles. It is a great way to grow the network and gain some potential customers without putting forth lots of money. By driving visitors to your website or blog through SMO, it will be simpler to share in their circles of friends, which helps to build up a huge community for your business.


Now that we’ve defined each technique, which is right for you? Although SEM will get results fast, it is limited to the size of your budget. SEO and SMO are long term solutions which, if done correctly, can continually bring in desired results.


Most businesses select a variety of techniques within the online marketing umbrella to ensure full reach and a long-lasting impact. If you gather some knowledge by this article(DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SEO, SMO, And SEM), feel free to share it within your circle. If you think we missed out something in this article, you can share with us in the comment below.

Let’s learn from each other!

Rakesh Chadda
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