Best WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Website Secure

WordPress security is a topic of tremendous importance for every website owner. WordPress itself is built with a solid and secure framework, but this doesn’t make it immune to hackers. Weak passwords are just one of many factors that lead to a website getting hacked.WordPress is the most popular content publishing platform and is being used by millions of websites around the globe. Basically, the main reason of getting WordPress sites hacked is only by 3rd party theme or plugins. There is lot more things anyone can do to secure his WordPress website.

Furthermore, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and 50,000 for phishing weekly. If your website is your only business, then you would like to pay additional attention to your WordPress security. Therefore during this article, we are going to allow you to understand the most effective WordPress security plugins that may save your website from the hackers. The list contains plugins for access management, login security, spam protection, content larceny protection, backup tools, file integrity observation, email protection, firewall and much more.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 2017

Google Authenticator

google authenticator

An exceptionally secure & straightforward to setup 2 issue Authentication (Google Authenticator) for your WordPress website. Instead of hoping on an Arcanum alone, which might be phished or guessed, miniOrange 2 point authentication (Google Authenticator) adds a second layer of security to your WordPress accounts. It protects your website from hacks and unauthorized login attempts. Overall it’s a good and smart step to enable the best security for your WordPress accounts.(MORE INFO)


iThemes security

iThemes Security may be a WordPress security plugin that claims to supply 30+ ways that to secure and shield your WordPress website from attacks. It strengthens user credentials by fixing common vulnerabilities and automatic attacks. The plugin is obtainable in each free and premium versions. It regularly tracks the activity of a registered user and add two-factor authentication, password expiration, malicious links scanning and offers many others features too.

iThemes covers all of the following:

Two-factor authentication

Brute force protection

Monitoring core files for any changes

Ticketed support (for professional users)

Logging user actions

Locking out users for multiple incorrect written document makes an attempt

Forcing the utilization of secure passwords for specific user roles and file permissions (MORE INFO)



WordFence is the most downloaded WordPress Security plugin with 1+ million active installs up to now. It’s a full-featured, robust and regularly update security plugin for WordPress. This plugin secure your website from malware, malicious links & traffic, hackers and much more other features offered by this powerful free WordPress security plugin.

Here square measure some WF options that add additional WordPress Security layer:

WordPress Firewall

Blocking options

Security Scanning

Login Security

Monitoring options

Multi-Site Security

Major Theme and Plugins Supported

IPv6 Compatible

WordFence additionally has premium API key that adds additional options like country block, scheduled scans, premium support and 2-factor authentication that permits you to sign-in to WordPress victimization Arcanum and your wireless telephone. The premium arranges checks Additionally if your web site scientific discipline is being employed to spamvertise. (MORE INFO)



Sucuri Iraqi National Congress may be a globally recognized authority all told matters associated with website security, with specialization in WordPress Security. The Sucuri Security WordPress Security plugin is absolved to all WordPress users. It’s a security suite meant to enrich your existing security posture.

It offers its users four key security measures for his or her website, every designed to possess a positive has an effect on their security posture. Its options embody security activity auditing, file integrity observation, remote malware scanning, blacklist observation, security notifications, and more. (MORE INFO)

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WordPress Security plugin can take your website security to a full new level. This plugin is meant and written by specialists and is simple to use and perceive. It regularly checks for malware or hacking attacks and also implements latest techniques and practices advised by WordPress.

All In One WP Security additionally uses an associate degree new security points grading system to live however well you’re protective your website supported the safety options you have got activated. Our security and firewall rules square measure classified into “basic,” “intermediate” and “advanced.” This fashion you’ll be able to apply the firewall rules increasingly while not breaking your site’s practicality. All in One WordPress Security plugin doesn’t cut down your website, and it’s 100 percent free.(MORE INFO)


Always remember when it’s a matter for of your website security, make it your first priority and also on time step is necessary to keep your website secure. You must keep WordPress, plugins & themes up to date and you must use robust passwords. Prevention is better than cure. Additionally, don’t install themes or plugins from untrusted sources.If you’re using another WordPress security plugin, please share it with us in the comments.

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