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About Javascript

In today’s modern world, we(developers) are treating JavaScript as an object-oriented language of computer programming that is commonly used to develop dynamic & interactive effects within the combination with different search engines web browsers. If we talk about the present situation, JavaScript is the principal language of the internet world. Thinking about to create a new website or a freelancer project? -Just make sure to build it with JavaScript, as we all know that there cannot be any other languages in the market with such a cooperative support as well as availability. By the help of javascript, we can create new web apps,  games, robots, desktop and mobile application, backends(technical) and much more things. Most of the software available out there smoothly supports Javascript as an extension language for writing add-ons, or we can say manipulating data.

After having too much of twists, JavaScript is still staying in every developer’s heart, and presently it is a perfect time to learn it! So we have assembled our favorite javascript books for beginners and professionals that will help you learn and upgrade your skills whether you are a basic learner or a professional.


Why Books?

I am a huge fan of JavaScript, Html5 and CSS3 books. I’m a self-learner professional web designer/developer. I have learned how to design websites just through experience on web design and web development projects and through books and blogs. I  read numerous books strived for developers with a little experience or a professional one.

Research shows that remembrance increases 500 percent when learners & professional are challenged to recover the information they read.

When we read out something, those words will surely have much influence in our mind. Here we are talking about JavaScript books available out there, and much more to come. So don’t get confused about which JavaScript book made for you & suits you in the best way? If you have never experienced(programmed) JavaScript earlier before, and don’t have any idea that from where to start as well as how to be upgraded with the existing Java skills, so, in that case, any of these 6 javaScript books is an excellent way to get you started & be updated for ahead.

The material carries by these books inside will be the perfect guide for every folk out there whether it’s he wants to know basics or advanced and also make you expert in JavaScript field with a quick & practical way!


Some giant & great authors in the field of JavaScript have written books with an intention to teach you ES6. I recommend reading them after you became the expert in advanced JavaScript. If you are a professional developer and still wants to know about ES6 yet, read “How to Learn ES6”.

Best JavaScript books for beginners and professionals in 2019

Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Maintainable, High-Performing Web Application User Interfaces Using the React JavaScript Library

Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Maintainable, High-Performing Web Application User Interfaces Using the React JavaScript Library

Learning React has been launched recently to the javascript world and has a crown of one of the most updated ReactJS book presently available. Learning React is written by keeping in mind to give some fresh and clean style, helping developers to understand the principals of ReactJS quickly in an excellent way and with a vision of how to build successful applications with the help of javascript. Learning React assists in such a great way to learn React as it breaks down complicated topics into easily understandable lumps.

Learning React included features like –how to build components and merge them with other elements to build complex UIs and how to add styling to your React app, how to use JSX, BabelJS, Webpack. The book will also let you know about the tools to shape your ReactJS workflow and make it more productive and dynamic as well to create a complex multi-page application.


Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript 2nd edition

Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Edition make you dive deep into the JavaScript world and also let you know how to write elegant and useful code. Practical examples, exercises, and full-chapter projects give you an idea how to write your own programs.

The latest version available today is completely updated and modernized to show you the current state of Java­Script programming and web browsers. Features available in the book such as a chapter based on code performance in Java­Script, and extended coverage of recursion and conclusions. If we talk about the source codes – they all are available online in an inter­active sandbox, where you can run the code, can edit it, and can see its output immediately.


You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going

You Don't Know JS: Up & Going

With this book, you will get a complete knowledge of JavaScript programming, that includes complex parts of the javascript, that many experienced & professional JavaScript programmers avoid. The book lets you know the basic for those of you with limited programming experience. When you learn the basic building blocks of javascript programming, as well as core mechanisms. The book will take more in-depth on your way toward actual JavaScript programming and help you gain a new gratitude and a deep-rooted understanding of JavaScript.


Head First JavaScript Programming

Head First JavaScript Programming

This book will let you grab the javascript knowledge from everything to language fundamentals to advanced topics, that includes functions, objects, and the web browser’s document object model. When you read this book, it will make you feel playing games, know some real secrets, solve puzzles, and associate you with JavaScript programming in such a way you were never imagined. You will learn to write code, edit the code & run the code in an excellent manner. Every one of you can start creating your own web applications with the help of this book as this book replace Head First JavaScript, which is now out of print and not available.


A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

This book is specially written for beginners with no heavy knowledge of programming, with an importance of understanding and memorizing correct syntax. The book will let you know the fundamentals like variables, looping & conditionals, as well as some complex theories including variable scope, prototypes, and constructors.

It includes the coding examples, figures and online exercises available free of cost for each chapter listed in the book. Explanations are simple and fresh and non-technical. The book designed with an intention so that the average learner can absorb in ten minutes and also people of all frameworks can easily understand javaScript. Many readers say that the book made it possible for them to learn when nothing else worked.


Speaking JavaScript: An In-Depth Guide for Programmers

The book covers up in depth of JavaScript programming and let you know and learn the javascript language in a much-advanced way then you know earlier before.

Speaking JavaScript: An In-Depth Guide for Programmers make you grab the advanced knowledge of the language with total four sections. It includes a quick-start guide that will teach you enough of the javascript language to help you be productive and more experienced JavaScript programmer. Professional developers will find a perfect and secure source that covers up each language feature in more depth.


Some more extra favorites book of mine are:

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan

Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript (Effective Software Development Series) by David Herman

JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

Pro JavaScript Design Patterns: The Essentials of Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming by Dustin Diaz(Author) Ross Harmes

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JavaScript is an amazing language. Easier to learn partially, and much harder to know and learn effectively & completely. When developers meet confusion, they somehow blame the language, instead of complaining you have to improve your lack of knowledge and understanding. The purpose of these Best JavaScript books for beginners and professionals in 2019 mentioned above is to inspire you and let you know the javascript in a much better & easy way.

When find any complex concept or get confused so don’t skip any conclusions. You will be fine—you just need to keep your focus and efforts at it. Have some break, reread some concept again, and always make sure to read and understand the given practical exercises and example programs. Learning needs hard work and patience, but everything you learn is yours.

We hope that you enjoy our collection of books. Did we miss your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.

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