Add Custom Default Avatar To WordPress

In this Blog, we will display you a way to add new custom default avatar in WordPress the use of a plugin, so that you can achieve this without editing a single line of code. By way of the default, WordPress uses the gravatar platform to display the profile % of those who comment on your blog. If a commenter is not subscribed with gravatar, then it shows a thriller guy avatar. You may customize it for your website online’s branding in case you need. To make a long-lasting impact on the first time traveler, it’s far critical that he/she acknowledges the brand and recalls the name of the website and its area of expertise. An easy way to do this is to apply the brand logo as the default avatar Or boost the logo picture.

Now, create the image with the dimensions whatever you would like to set, and then add it. Add it to the plugin’s set of photos. Then, set it as the default avatar. There are fields in the gravatar area which lets you add the name and image URL. Customize each image by yourself, whatever the dimension you would like.

Here’s the example

Add Custom Default Avatar To WordPress

In case you visit “WordPress Admin Panel” => “Settings” => “dialogue,” you can locate there is some other option to set ‘Default Avatar‘. It approaches, if any of your website user or commenter do not have any Gravatar photo, then this ‘Default Avatar‘ will show.
Now you just need to check your website comment section that avatar image is working or not. And also that the commenters showing their avatar image or not and if it is not showing, then you could see your new custom default avatar photograph is selected as the avatar of those commenters.

As with all adjustments to your theme files; continually back up your facts, works from backups, & make sure it works correctly. No longer every subject could be well matched.


The effect of a custom default avatar in WordPress is significantly magnified when you have an active feedback section. You wouldn’t want to overlook out on visitors or the boom in logo fee. So just complete this process to gain some more value. For more updates be with us and also if you have any query, feel free to contact us.


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